Thresher, kutti Machine, Chaff Cutter, Disc Plough, Cultivator MF Type, Seed Drill, Leveller, Mounted Offset Disc Harrow M.F., Mounted Offset Disc Harrow ITCI, Disc Plough ITCI Mahindra Type, Disc Plough Square Frame
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Why Us

Why us…that’s a nice question.

The answer is that in today’s world of urbanization and modernization we are the only company that provides world class quality products. The raw materials and equipments we use in the manufacturing of machines are of superior quality .You will never find that quality in any other company.

The products have undergone proper quality and safety checks according to various parameters to ensure quality. Our services are very efficient and responsive. We have highly talented and dedicated workforce who have an experience of more than 50 years in agricultural farming.

We have an excellent infrastructure of more than ____ acres. We have cooperation with foreign agricultural companies also.
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