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Cutter Thersher

The Thresher machine provided our company is compatible in working with every model of tractors. Thresher machine was invented by Andrew Meikle. Thresher machine was invented in early 1780s. Thresher machine is used for agriculture purpose. Thresher machines are used for separating wheat, maize, sorghum, grains, sunflower, ragi, millets, mustard & pulses from their chaff and straw. Earlier threshing was done by hand with a fail or trampling by animal hooves. It’s development has resulted in increased agricultural productivity. Now with the introduction of threshing machine, human effort has been reduced. These machines use power from tractor or electric motors/diesel engines.

As soon as the threshing machine is started, bundles of grains are put into threshing machine bundle feeder. Grains bundles are transported to the threshing machine cylinders by bundle feeders. Here most of the grain is separated from stalks. The grain which is separated falls on the bottom of threshing machine while the remaining shaff and dust are removed by a fan. Thresher machine consist of an elevator which transports the loose grain into a grain wagon. Straw is continuously battered in the cylinder so that all the grain can be removed from the stalk. This process is repeated continuously.

“Ground hog” was first type of thresher. It has a drum which consist of spikes which makes a coordination with the make shift concave. A mixture of grain, straw, chaff come from the machine is separated by a method called winnowing. It has equipment called open shacker through which grain falls on canvas and at the end of shacker straw is collected. Grains are further separated by winnowing from the chaffs and short straws.

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