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Seed Drill Machine

A seed drill is a machine which is used for sowing seeds in the soil and then covering them. Jethro Tullis invented the seed drill machine. Earlier when the seed drill machine was not invented, seeds were planted by hands. It was not useful as seeds were not properly distributed which affect the growth of the plant and a large amount of land was wasted .Productivity was also largely affected. That’s why came seed drill machine. It improves the ratio of crop yield to large extent.

Drilling is sowing of agricultural crop. A seed drill machine consist of a series of tube above which hooper consisting of seeds is arranged. The tubes are placed at certain distance from each other so that the plants can be grown easily. Seed is metered by fluted paddles which rotate using a geared device. We can change seed rate by changing gear ratio. Seed drill machines helped a farmer s a lot. They can sow seeds in proper row at proper depth and particular speed rate. Tube of drill machine dig a hole at particular depth and put down one or more seeds and then cover it up. Due to this, the seed germinates consistently and crop yields magnificently. It also plays an important role in weed control.

Our company provides greater quality of seed drill machines that can perform multiple works. Our product range is cost effective and affordable. We have experienced professionals who have expertise in providing greater quality of seed drill machine. We provide greater quality of raw material and equipments that are used in the manufacturing of seed drill machine. The design, engineering, and manufacturing processes involved in manufacturing seed drill machine is of excellent quality. Moreover, these products have undergone proper quality and safety checks according to various parameters.
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